New Year – New goals!

Happy new year! The site hasn’t been updated in a while, 2014 has been a crazy year! But hey, we’re back with awesome news and a new team and we […]


SkullDive Dev Diary #4

SkullDive Pre-Alpha Build – Windows/Mac Hello everyone! Rob here, now bringing the pre-alpha build of my upcoming  game, SkullDive. As I promised two days ago, here I am releasing the pre-alpha. […]


SkullDive Dev Diary #3

Well, the time has arrived   04/05/2014 !! The pre-alpha is really near, I’m working so freaking hard to get it done at time. But soon you will test a lot of […]


SkullDive Dev Diary #2

SkullDive Dev Diary #2 Introducing : movement  and camera system. Today I will introduce the camera and movement system. If you’re up to date of SkullDive’s info you will know […]


SkullDive DevBlog #1

Every rogue game needs Dungeon doors, SkullDive is no less. Today I’ve finished the development of the Door And Chest system Keys. This is the first small scheme of the […]


SkullDive is Climbing fast at IndieDB!

SkullDive is climbing very fast  at IndieDB , I’m very exited about this and now I will work even harder that I’m doing right now in the game! If you […]

Ripper Games Reborn

A lot of things happened at Ripper Games the last year, but since January, me @RobertWiggin started a new project. SkullDive! You can find more about the project at the IndieDB […]

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