SkullDive DevBlog #1

Every rogue game needs Dungeon doors, SkullDive is no less.

Today I’ve finished the development of the Door And Chest system Keys.

This is the first small scheme of the main Chest and Doors that you will find at SkullDive.

I hope that this can be very interesting for you all guys.

Please give me a small fraction of your time and read this.

Thank You!


Chest types and their keys.


Normal Chest(Small Chest)

This is the most common chest at SkullWorld, you’ll mostly find inside keys but sometimes can contain rare loot.

“Who will think that i’ve hidden something valuable inside this chest?” – Sir Arthur McPoop.

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. Silver Key
  2. Silver Key x2 – x4



Skull Chest(Medium Chest)

This one will contain valuable things for sure, but you will need uncommon keys to open it.

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. Silver Key
  2. Silver Key x2 – x4
  3. Gold Key
  4. Gold Key x2


Winged Skull Chest(Big Chest)

You will not see a lot of this chests in SkullWorld, but if you spot one, go for it and try to unlock it.

The bad part of it is that you will need a lot of keys and they will not be the common ones. 

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. Gold Key x 4
  2. Gold Key x8
  3. Platinum Key
  4. Platinum Key x2


Dungeon Keeper’s Loot (A very Rare Chest)

An Epic story is told about this chests, the Dungeon Keeper’s Loot.

The story tells that this chest is made of the human dungeon raider’s bones, flesh and skin.
Anyone knows what can you find inside of them but… maybe you can find something really amazing.

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. ??? ( Since no one found one, so we can’t give you any information about the socket type)



Door types and their keys.


Corridor Door


This one will communicate halls and corridors with each other. It is not always necessary to use keys to open them.

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. None
  2. Silver Key
  3. Silver Key x2 – x4



Wooden Door

This one can communicate halls and corridors too, but the difference here is that they normally use a Silver or Gold key to be unlocked.

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. None
  2. Silver Key
  3. Silver Key x2 – x4





Ancient Stone Door

This kind of gate is one of the most importants doors in the game, they allow to open the most part of dungeon zones and to discover a lot of secrets hide in Skulldive.

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. Silver key x2 – x4
  2. Gold Key
  3. Gold Key x2 – x4
  4. Platinum Key(Rarely)




Ultima Door

Ultima Magic Door

This one is the most difficult door to be opened for the player, because some of them can ask you to do some quests, or other just demand a lot of keys to be unlocked.

Key Socket Type/s :

  1. Silver key x40 – x99
  2. Gold Key x 20 – x 79
  3. Platinum Key x 10 – x 25
  4. Quests
  5. Even more Quests
  6. Sometimes even more

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