SkullDive Dev Diary #4

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SkullDive Pre-Alpha Build – Windows/Mac


Hello everyone! LeoRob here, now bringing the pre-alpha build of my upcoming  game, SkullDive.
As I promised two days ago, here I am releasing the pre-alpha.
But Not only the pre-alpha , I’m announcing the incorporation of an awesome musician at the team, Frost Flynn.

The future OST of SkullDive will have the essence of a lot of awesome games of the past!




In this build you will test a lot of features that are W.I.P. so this will not be the final version of the game, and a lot of stuff will change.

This build comes with one original track composed for SkullDive, that is also W.I.P but I compiled it with the game to make you taste the flavour of SkullDive’s musician, Alvaro Verdejo (Frost Flynn)!Give it a try and let us know what you think!

You will start at the very beginning of our game, Leo’s Crypt, where the most brilliant and the bravest ones where buried(alive).

Talk to the Soul Bringer and try to escape from your Crypt.

See you soon, and I hope that you will enjoy SkullDive as I’m enjoying developing it!




MacOSX :

SkullDive Pre-Alpha Build For MacOS


SkullDive Pre-Alpha Build For Windows

Remember, this is only a Pre-Alpha! :)


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