SkullDive Dev Diary #2

SkullDive Dev Diary #2 Introducing : movement  and camera system.

Today I will introduce the camera and movement system. If you’re up to date of SkullDive’s info you will know that since it’s a mix of Roguelike games and Adventure ones the camera will need to be comfortable to the eye and attuned with the gameplay. Here is a little image explaining how will SkullDive camera system avoid walls and obstacles and will follow the player.

Camera System


SkullDive will have a unique camera system.The camera will follow smoothly the player and will rotate with a little damping at the end to give a cool eye candy effect.A big part of the game will happen inside dungeons so this system is very necessary to create a claustrophobic feeling, else the player can see through walls and stuff(thing that is taking me a lot of work to get finished)The camera rotation is a little different from the current roguelike and adventure games, you can’t rotate the camera while you’re moving, only if you’re at a movable platform or if you’re idle to check the environment and look for secrets.What about watching the camera system by yourself?

Camera Rotation Preview ( Pre-Alpha Version)


Camera Obstacle Detection ( Pre-Alpha Version)


Movement System

I know some people will hate the movement system because you can’t rotate the camera while you’re moving, but I always wanted to make feel the player that is playing a 90s game, like the ones that we used to play at PSX or N64.The movement system will be pretty simple, you press WASD to move, I’m thinking to implement Q and E to make the camera rotate around the player, now is bounded at the arrow keys. You can also jump by pressing the space key. Well I’ll let you a couple more Gifs showing this mechanics.

Walk ( Pre-Alpha Version)


Walk(Backside) / Rotate ( Pre-Alpha Version)


Jump ( Pre-Alpha Version)


 Well with this I’m finishing the second dev diary!Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! :)


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