SkullDive Dev Diary #3

LogoSkullDive Pre-Alpha

Well, the time has arrived   04/05/2014 !!

The pre-alpha is really near, I’m working so freaking hard to get it done at time.
But soon you will test a lot of features of the game(remember that this features are in a pre-alpha state), a lot of them will be changed and improved, the motive of this early release is the feedback, I want to hear from you to modify and improve the game.
This game is my obsession and my passion, I will try to transfer this sensations to you all :]

This is a new screenshot of the Door System, enjoy! :)

Click at the image to view a full sized screenshot.

The features that you will find at the pre-alpha version:

DescImageLeo Camera System ( Constraints and Smooth Movement)
DescImageLeo Movement System
DescImageLeo Lighting System
DescImageLeo Life System
DescImageLeo Small Skill System(Only one skill)
DescImageLeo Some Puzzles
DescImageLeo Door System
DescImageLeo Graphical User Interface ( Pre-Alpha version)
DescImageLeo Short Storyline
DescImageLeo Dungeon Fragment to explore
DescImageLeo Even more!
DescImageLeo MORE!
DescImageLeo If the time is with us EVEN MORE
DescImageLeo One original music track!
DescImageLeo Ok….
DescImageLeo MORE!
DescImageLeo The best part: BUGS!

I’m working really hard on the level design and I know it will have a lot of bugs so don’t blame me(too much) :P, also I’m using a Voxel system for the cave design with messy textures, this is only a preview of the final version that will be a 3D model of the cave, not a voxel simulation.

Remember the date : 04/05/2014
Thanks for reading, and hope to see you again soon!



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